Leather Goods Manufacturer

About Us

Ever since the seventies, when PIÑAVALL was founded, the company has worked and keeps working generation after generation with a clear aim: to achieve the clients’ full satisfaction. Our work, based on leather handcraft tradition and on the rigorous confection standards, have led many international brands to place their trust on our well doing. Our factories are emplaced on a perfect setting: Ubrique. This is a town with an important leather crafts tradition. From this placement PIÑAVALL works day after day to offer the highest quality standards and the best of services, guaranteeing the success on every project we carry out.

Amongst all of our clients, you can find important high end fashion brands, as well as international freelance designers who have trusted our “know how” for decades. The fact that these high end brands choose our company, is an incentive that makes us keep offering products at the highest quality.