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Handcraft & Quality

Comprehensive development: the capability to shape up an idea.

Our aim is to be able to materialize the ideas proposed by designers and creative artists. This requires of our expertise and techniques. At the same time, we are well aware that the best way to guarantee the success is team work, considering our clients an important part of our team. We start up with an idea or sketch which is then studied by our technicians and master craftsmen at PIÑAVALL who will analyze the viability of the prototype, considering the materials to be used, the best techniques to be implemented and the making of the relevant patterns. Once the prototypes are approved, we schedule the production of the different collections, according to the conditions previously agreed. Each of the processes involved in the manufacturing, undergo the most strict quality controls, right from reception of the raw materials, like leathers and hardware, up to the packaging of the finished product.

Laboratory: Pattern making and prototype development.

Sometimes is not possible to materialize the ideas of designers, due to various reasons: inner characteristics of the leathers, the unfeasibility of certain patterns or shapes, a highly cost of production, etc. For this reason is convenient to work over prototypes before, since these help identifying these impediments previous to a final sample or full production. At PIÑAVALL we put at our client’s disposal a team of expert technicians that help pointing out these issues and to improve existent styles.

Standard Styles

The acquired expertise of other kind of services related to leather manufacturing, allows us to offer our clients a range of standard styles. At PIÑAVALL, we have a great variety of universal patterns for the manufacturing of many small leather goods, handbags, travel bags, etc, which could be adapted to your requirements.

Leather stock

At PIÑAVALL you can also find a wide range of leathers in stock, which you could get at a lower price, not giving up bit of the highest quality on the finished product.